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Here are the winners of AVON Movie for Life shortfilm competition

After just about 2 months from the beginning of AVON Movie for Life… here are the three winners of AVON Movie for Life Short Film Competition. Without any further introduction, here they are:

First prize
Pijama Party [Pyjama Party] (7′) – Direction and script: Millo Simulov / Image: Andrei Cristian Vladescu / Image assistant: Mihail Octavian Bratu, Mihai Ionescu / Sound assistant: Hadrian Gavrilutiu

Second prize
Iubeste-ma [Love Me] (7′) – Cast: Anamaria Maier, Paul Ipate / Direction and script: Millo Simulov / Image: Andrei Cristian Vlădescu / Image Assistant: Mihail Octavian Bratu

Third prize
2iua Sanilor [Breast's Day 2day] (5’56”) – Creator: Vlad Tomei

Huge congrats to all the participants – both to the finalists, and to those whose submissions din’t make to the final. You have all greately helped us start the conversation about breast cancer and the one and most important way of preventing it: self examination.

And, for the complete top of the 26 finalists, please visit the AVON Movie for Life page.

See and vote the finalists of the AVON Movie for Life film competition

Yesterday, at the first day of Kinofest, we’ve presented the premiere of the AVON Movie for Life film competition nominees. Just as a short recap, the competition was open for Romanian film makers (either professional or amateur) for 47 days (from 4 September to 20 October). During this period, we have received 41 films, out of which 26 were selected for the final stage and were presented yesterday, at The Light Cinema. These 26 films best matched the brief, according to the decision of Avon Cosmetics Romania.

At the Kinofest premiere, the crowd was really involved, watching the whole presentation and voting for the films, live, in parallel with the professional jury. Once again, the members of professional jury were:
Cătălin Saizescu (director)
Emanuel Lăzărescu (film critic, editor)
Claudiu Păun (director of photography)
Cristina Zaharia (film critic, editor
Andreea Catu (PR Specialist, Avon Cosmetics Romania)
Costin Radu (Managing Director IQads)

Now, you can see them and vote online for the 26 finalists on the official AVON Channel on YouTube. Each of these 3 types of votes (professional jury, Kinofest public and general public) counts for 33.3% of the final result. So, if you want to support your favourites, here’s your chance: cast your votes on YouTube.
When voting, please also keep in mind the initial brief requirments (read/download the brief here – Romanian only).

See the finalists below

Our big thanks go to all the people who submittted the films and to their whole crews, behind and in front of the camera. Your ideas and creations helped us raise awareness about breast cancer and especially about the simple way any woman can detect its symptoms early: self examination. Thank you!

Important news! 9 more days to get your film done at the AVON Movie for Life

Based on your feedback, we have extended the deadline for the AVON Movie for Life short film competition. This gives you 9 more days to work your film out to perfection – that should help the many of you out there who have requested this to get your movie done and sent. But please – don’t put things off for the last night before the deadline.
Also, we have put a stronger focus on the premiere of your films: first, they will be presented right on the big screen, on October 22, at The Light Cinema, during the Movie for Life Day of Kinofest. The audience will vote live, along with the professional jury (each will count separately). Only after that, from 23 October 23 to 31 October, the general public will get to vote your short films, on the official Avon official channel on YouTube.
We are have just updated this throughout the site, so, if you happen to find it mentioned differently elsewhere, just remember this as the final deadline: 20 October. Go!

The tickets are now available!

Great news, the tickets have just been put on sale in selected Diverta shops and will soon be available online, at and at The Light Cinema.
Read more about the location, tickets and pricing on our dedicated page, right here. And get them while they’re hot!

Only one week left to save a life with 25 frames/second

Let us remind you that this is the last week of the AVON Movie for Life Competition. So get your films finished and send them to us via or regular post mail.
Or, if you have just found out the news about this competition, and you can move really quick, you still have time to start your film now and finish it by Sunday midnight. May the muses be with you!

Kinofest presents AVON Movie for Life – a parallel short movie competition

We proudly announce a premiere of Kinofest 2009: the AVON Movie for Life short film contest, a parralel competition of our Festival, part of the Avon Campaign for early discovery of breast cancer. From 4 September to 11 October, we invite Romanian film producers (professional, student or amateur) to create short movies that illustrate, in a powerful and memorable way, the message of the Anti Breast Cancer Campaig: that self- and professional breast examination are the only ways to discover breast cancer in its early stages. We provoke you to create movies strong enough to convince every woman who sees them to perform the breast examination. The competition is open for Romanian film makers, so the Brief and the Regulations are available in Romanian only. Read more to find all the opportunities participants will have, including winning the prizes – a total of 3.000 euros.

Kinofest 2009 wants you!

We’re back! And we want you for Kinofest 2009, the third edition of the international digital film festival of Romania. Today, we officially start the Call for Entries of Kinofest.
This year, Kinofest is planned to take place on 22, 23 and 24 October in Bucharest, Romania. And we would be honoured to see your work in the Festival.

Key facts:
There is no submission fee for your entries.
You can send an unlimited number of works.
The three sections of Kinofest 2009 are: Animation, Micromovie, Fiction.
The deadline for your submissions is September 30, 2009.

Read more details and download the Entry Form in the Submissions page.

Oh, and before starting, check out the Kinofest 2008 story below. 18 hours of Festival and 160 films from 21 countries – all in a three-minute movie. See you there!